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NOMO Milling

The little skillet with a big message!

--A little about our process--

Each skillet is an individual creation in itself. Though our process of creation is mostly the same on each, due to differences in the casting and materials of the original skillet, each one turns out unique from the others. We mill some with the same engraving and some with custom designs.

The 3.5 inch, 5 inch, and 6 inch skillets can all be turned on our lathe to warrant a shiny and flat surface for milling. The larger skillets will not fit on the lathe, and the flat bottom must be milled right on the big daddy- our Bridgeport CNC milling machine.

 After a good turn on the lathe to ensure a beautiful surface, the skillet is then taken to the CNC mill. This beast is where the real magic happens. This is where our CAD is programmed with the desired imaging and design, then run to engrave and cut the awesome artwork on each piece. Once milled, a light sanding cleans up the rough edges from the bit on the mill, and a coat of polyurethane is applied to protect the piece and keep it shiny and new looking! Some of the skillets that customers order for cooking purposes do not receive this polyurethane coating. Instead, those masterpieces are seasoned twice with Crisbee TM Cast Iron Seasoning so they are perfectly safe and completely ready to be put to use creating meals! 

We are all about milling unique home decor for display only or for functionality. 

We are excited to mill the perfect creation for you!

These make great gifts.

Personalization makes them one of a kind.

Use your imagination.

Weddings- Perfect

Special occasions--Covered

Anniversaries--Dated keepsakes

Mancave--That fish!

First hunt--That too!

Mom's kitchen wouldn't be complete without one thanking her for breakfast.

Skillets of all sizes.

Can be engraved, or cut clear through.

CNC created, so the sky is nearly the limit.

We can provide the skillet or you could send us one of your own.

Branded Iron Skillets

Go on and click one, you know you want to!