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NOMO Milling

5 inch and 6.5 inch Skillets

​*The majority of skillets we mill are strictly decoration pieces and have a coat of polyurethane on them. We can also engrave onto usable skillets so you can still enjoy their original functionality in the kitchen, at camp, or wherever you cook! We do not use polyurethane on the ones that will be used to prepare food, but instead we use two seasonings with Crisbee TM, which is a seasoning and maintenance product for cast iron. *

5 inch mini skillet

$32.00 plus shipping

---   ---   ---

6 inch skillet

$40.00 plus shipping

These are the middle weights of our shop. They are still compact, but we can add even more detail to these guys because the surface area is larger than the minis! These are perfect as small keepsakes for bigger families- more names can be engraved!

The 5 and 6.5 inch skillets are still able to be thrown on the lathe for a super smooth and shiny bottom. Enjoy our gallery of these middle weights, and brainstorm an idea for us to engrave for you!