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Not all skillets were created equal. The square skillets make a great statement piece for any home.

We recently, the start of 2017, have begun engraving these monsters.

They are truly unique. When one thinks of pans, square is not usually the first shape that comes to mind! We are always going for the unique factor, and our custom engravings follow suit. 

10.5 inch square skillets

Sorry, this item is not available at this time.

10.5 Square Skillets

It's hip to be square!

The brown bottomed skillets above are seasoned for cooking purposes.

*The majority of skillets we mill are strictly decoration pieces and have a coat of polyurethane on them. We can also engrave onto usable skillets so you can still enjoy their original functionality in the kitchen, at camp, or wherever you cook! We do not use polyurethane on the ones that will be used to prepare food, but instead we use two seasonings with Crisbee TM, which is a seasoning and maintenance product for cast iron. *